müüb GMO vabu sojaube

Risenta sojauba - sojaoad - sojaKuna vahel inimesed seostavad sojatooteid geneetiliselt muundatud toodetega (GMO), siis avaldame meil müüdavate Risenta sojaubade kvaliteedi sertifikaadi.

See sertifikaat tõendab, et meil müüdavad sojaoad ei ole geneetiliselt muundatud.

Certificate for Soy beans

Risenta sojaoad, sojauba - GMO vabaRISENTA
phone +46 8 586 27 500 fax +46 8 611 53 66
Product specification for: Soya beans
Article number: 120589 (25kg), 120588
(1ton), 120550 (12x1kg), 070620 (6x500g)
Issued date: 11/5/08
Monica Demorior, Quality
Product: soya beans
Quality Grade: grade 1
Variety: white hylum
Size/count: 8mm
Composition: 99,5% soya
Apperance, flavour, texture: Small, round and light brown in colour. Free flowing and free from foreign taint, mould and infestation
Raw materials requriments:
The raw material shall comprise soya beans, which shall display good characteristic flavour, odour and texture. The supplier shall on buyer’s request provide assurance that the soya beans have been grown in accordance with good agricultural practice.


The supplier shall provide assurance that the soya beans do not contain pesticide residues exceeding EU maximum levels.
Use of raw material or ingredients processed by irradiation is not accepted.
The product is not allowed to be of GM-origin.
If risk for cross-contamination of GM-product excist, the supplier is requested to inform Risenta AB in writing. (
Seda toodet ei lubata meile tarnida geneetiliselt modifitseeritud (GMO) tootena. Kui eksisteerib GM toote ristsaastumise risk, siis peab tarnija sellest Risenta AB firmat kirjalikult teavitama.)

For every product delivered to Risenta the document 2.9.4 Risenta Allergen Declaration must be filled in. See attached document.

Microbiological standards
Total plate count max log 6 – cfu/g
Moulds max log 4 – cfu/g
Yeast max log 4 – cfu/g
Colifroms cfu/g
E.coli cfu/g
Salmonella negative in 25 gram
Chemical Standards
Moisture max 14%
Aflatoxin B1 ppb
Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2 ppb
Ochratoxin A ppb
Preservative SO2 ppm
Peroxide meq/kg fat
Free fatty acids %
Tolerance of defects
Broken/splits max 1%
Damaged max 1%
Forign material max 0.1%
Sclerotinia none
Discoloration %
All analyses shall be performed according to approved analytical methods (e.g. AOAC, ISO, FAO/Codex).
Sampling shall be in accordance with the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Sampling Plans for Pre-packed Foods (1969, AQL-6.5, CAC/RM 42-1969).
Product shall be in accordance with EU legislation.

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